Alexander V. A. Mortensen (Also known as DJ Data) is the 1st member of the data crew. His avatar is from his Roblox avatar. He also likes to make music. He is also a huge fan of Papa louie games.

Information Edit

Favorite Holiday: Independence day (4th of July)

Loves: Dancing, Music, NTWICM, Papa louie games

Hates: Injustice

Relatives: Olivia (Spouse), Katie (Former Spouse)

Birthplace: Orem UT,

Favorite Season: Summer

Appearances Edit

Season 1

  • Zombie Breakdown (Debut)
  • Jack in the god damn box II (Cameo)
  • Doorbell
  • Depression
  • Pacman
  • Noobelina (Cameo)
  • Summer quits (Cameo)

Season 2

  • Wake up call
  • illuminati
  • Liquor
  • Memories

Season 3

  • Beach
  • Couch Attack
  • Annoyed (Off-camera)
  • Mother's Day (Cameo)

Season 4

  • Camping
  • Coffee
  • Occupied
  • Bad news
  • Nightmare
  • Don't Call me

Season 5

  • Being so rude
  • Nude Beach
  • Bored
  • 4th of July
  • Trapped in the closet
  • Alex reacts to hater
  • Alex hates grasshoppers

Season 6

  • Alexander's Brother

Season 7

  • Thanksgiving

Season 9

  • Bowling (Cameo)
  • Deaf Talk (Silent)
  • Truth or Dare?
  • Olivia's Birthday
  • Gift
  • Final Round

Season 10

  • Deaf talk...Again!
  • Rap Battle
  • Close Part I
  • Close Part II


  • Lesson

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