Alexander V. A. Mortensen (Also known as DJ Data) is the 1st member of the data crew. His avatar is from his Roblox avatar. He also likes to make music. He is also a huge fan of Papa louie games and The Rodfellows. He's also extremely aware of Snitching. He has been a Data Crew member since 2006 and has been trained by Takahashi Hamasaki to became a true member too.


Favorite Holiday: Independence day (4th of July)

Loves: Dancing, Music, NTWICM, Papa louie games, Sugarless Gum, Takis, Hot Weather, Lactose free things, Rockstar (Energy Drink), Peanut Butter, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew (Voltage/Pitch Black), Coca Cola, Drawing, Getting Laid, Women, Rodfellows, Rodgals, Minestrone

Hates: Injustice, Disappointment, Liars, Bees/Wasps, Lactose, Male Gay love, Grasshoppers, Depression, Snitching

Relatives: Olivia (Ex Girlfriend), Katie (Former Spouse), Samantha (Partner), Hashbrown (Second Partner)

Favorite Season: Summer

Voiced by: The Official Comix Minis

Desired Voice: Sharon Mann

Then and Now difference:

Then: His sleeves are white, His hair is normal blue, His sunglasses are all the way on

Now: His sleeves are now light gray, His sunglasses are a little bit down, He has side burns, His clothing is now Baby blue, His vest now has buttons, His hair is now Dark blue

Comix Shorts Appearances

Season 1

  • Zombie Breakdown (Debut)
  • Jack in the god damn box II (Cameo)
  • Doorbell
  • Depression
  • Pacman
  • Noobelina (Cameo)
  • Summer quits (Cameo)

Season 2

  • Wake up call
  • illuminati
  • Liquor
  • Memories

Season 3

  • Beach
  • Couch Attack
  • Annoyed (Off-camera)
  • Mother's Day (Cameo)

Season 4

  • Camping
  • Coffee
  • Occupied
  • Bad news
  • Nightmare
  • Don't Call me

Season 5

  • Being so rude
  • Nude Beach
  • Bored
  • 4th of July
  • Trapped in the closet
  • Alex reacts to hater
  • Alex hates grasshoppers

Season 6

  • Alexander's Brother

Season 7

  • Thanksgiving

Season 8

  • St Patrick's Day 2017

Season 9

  • Bowling (Cameo)
  • Deaf Talk (Silent)
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Truth or Dare?
  • Olivia's Birthday
  • Gift
  • Final Round

Season 10

  • Deaf talk...Again!
  • Rap Battle
  • Close Part I
  • Close Part II


Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 1

  • New Neighbors (Cameo)
  • Speed Dating
  • Binoculars
  • Rumpus

Season 2

  • Noob's Disaster (Cameo)
  • Fundraiser
  • Snitch
  • Song For Olivia
  • Sleepover at Courtney's
  • The Mess
  • Alexander's 16th Birthday
  • Samantha
  • Exposed (Cameo)

Season 3

  • Pop Its
  • Wrong Number
  • A Week at Grandma's

Season 4

  • Third Wheel
  • Ceramics
  • Fortune Cookie
  • #1 Fan
  • Savage Noob 3
  • Noisy Alexander
  • Light bulb