Jack in the god damn box is a parody of commercials of jack in the box. It all begins with a Comix short character that sits there and Jack comes and tells the characters about what food or drink they want from Jack in the box. But the customers began to get winded up and takes Jack way to serious. The ending always says "We won't make it, till you order it, only on jack in the box. mmmmmm that's good".

List of Episodes Edit

No. of Episode Character(s) Release Date
1 Noob May 27th, 2015
2 Alexander (Cameo)


June 5th, 2015
3 Alexander June 22th, 2015
4 Phillop August 29th, 2015
5 Grayson September 3rd, 2015
6 Matthew September 27th, 2015
7 Quin October 28th, 2015
8 Noob December 2nd, 2015
9 Emandsam's GF December 21st, 2015
10 Veena January 6th, 2016
11 Olivia May 8th, 2016
12 Mistur prik June, 2016
13 Flamestar SFM January 28th, 2017
14 Miles October 24th, 2017