Here's a list of every Comix Shorts A - Z

(Bonus episodes are Bold)

NOTE: This list is unfinished

A Edit

Acid (From Season 1)

Agent (From Season 9)

Alexander's Brother (From Season 6)

Alex hates grasshoppers (From Season 5)

Alex reacts to hater (From Season 5)

Allergies (From Season 2)

Amnesia (From Season 9)

Annoyed (From Season 3)

April Fools Joke (From Season 8)

Arachnophobia (From Season 5)

Are we there yet? (From Season 2)

Asking out (From Season 9)

Audition (From Season 5)

B Edit

Bad Day (From Season 6)

Bad Dream (From Season 1)

Basketball (From Season 5)

Bathroom Break (From Season 8)

Battle (From Season 8)

Beach (From Season 3)

Bedtime (From Season 6)

Being so Rude (From Season 5)

Belching Contest (From Season 5)

Blaze (From Season 4)

Blockage (From Season 5)

Bored (From Season 5)

Bottle Flip (From Season 7)

Bowling (From Season 9)

Boxing (From Season 5)

Broken Leg (From Season 2)

Bubblegum (From Season 5)

Bungee Jumping (From Season 5)

C Edit

Camping (From Season 4)

Car Sick (From Season 4)

Card Trick (From Season 5)

Carolina Reaper (From Season 9)

Caught (From Season 1)

Caught...Again! (From Season 9)

Challenge gone insane (From Season 4)

Cheer Up (From Season 5)

Chess (From Season 8)

Chips (From Season 3)

Choking Hazard (From Season 7)

Christmas (From Season 7)

Claustrophobia (From Season 5)

Clean your room (From Season 7)

Club (From Season 2)

Coffee (From Season 4)

Cola (From Season 3)

Comedian (From Season 6)

Computer Crash (From Season 3)

Coma (From Season 6)

Consequence (From Season 8)

Criminal (From Season 5)

Cringe (From Season 4)

Curious (From Season 6)

Cussing In class (From Season 8)

D Edit


Dance Contest


Don't elect Donald Trump



Don't Call Me



Dave's Video

Diet Coke & Mentos

Did you wash your hands?

Drink & Drive?



Driving Lessons


Deaf Talk


Distant Friend

E Edit

F Edit

G Edit

H Edit

I Edit

J Edit

K Edit

L Edit

M Edit

N Edit

O Edit

P Edit

Q Edit

R Edit

S Edit

St Patrick's Day (From Season 1)

St Patrick's Day (From Season 8)

Summer Quits (From Season 1)

Spam Message (From Season 2)

Splatoon 1 (From Season 3)

Splatoon 2 (From Season 3)

Splatoon 3 (From Season 3)

Sick Bricks (From Season 4)

Snakes and Ladders (From Season 4)

Strip Club (From Season 4)

Summer comes back (From Season 4)

Superhero (From Season 4)

Shoreline (From Season 5)

Sewer (From Season 5)

Sketching (From Season 5)

Slender (From Season 5)

Soup Store (From Season 5)

Star wars Spoilers (From Season 5)

Sunburn (From Season 5)

Supermarket (From Season 5)

Sickness (From Season 6)

Skateboard Crash (From Season 6)

Snowboarding (From Season 6)

Sneak out Fail (From Season 7)

Shut up (From Season 8)

Shaving (From Season 9)

Sunset (From Season 9)

Switching Bodies (From Season 9)

Smack Talk (From Season 10)

T Edit

Taking Pictures (From Season 4)

Thanksgiving (From Season 7)

That's not Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream (From Season 5)

That's not Yogurt (From Season 4)

TheCookCSXGEVO Strikes Back (From Season 10)

Therapy (From Season 1)

Time Machine (From Season 5)

Time Out (From Season 7)

Tired (From Season 5)

Tissues (From Season 5)

Toilet Paper (From Season 8)

Tourist (From Season 6)

Trapped in the Closet (From Season 5)

Treasure Hunt (From Season 5)

Trick or Treat (From Season 7)

True loves kiss (From Season 5)

Truth or Dare? (From Season 9)

TV (From Season 2)

Two of a kind (From Season 5)

U Edit

Under cooked (From Season 5)

V Edit

Vaccination (From Season 5)

Valentine's Day (From Season 9)

Vampire (From Season 5)

Vegetables (From Season 6)

Vertigo (From Season 9)

Very Boring Day (From Season 2)

Vending Machine (From Season 5)

Video Fail (From Season 9)

Video Games

W Edit

Wake up Call (From Season 2)

War (From Season 5)

Weapon Shop (From Season 9)

Weatherman (From Season 5)

What's On? (From Season 6)

When Paul was 8 (From Season 3)

Where are my cookies? (From Season 5)

Who did this? (From Season 5)

Workout (From Season 6)

Y Edit

Yacht (From Season 3)

Yard Sale (From Season 10)

Yo Mama Contest (From Season 1)

Z Edit

Zapper (From Season 6)

Zombie Breakdown (From Season 1)

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