Noob is excited for GOTG vol. 2!


Noob is in his room excited for the movie he wants to see. (GOTG vol. 2) And he decides to ask Cooper the pancake boy for money for tickets but Coopers says "No". Noob decides to sneak out of the house and take the train, Unfortunately, He missed the train and he began to swear about it, and the train came back and Noob makes a disguise as Miles, Supertrainfan, sees Noob and he gets angry and tells him to take the mask off. and Noob did. So he enters to theater and sees Finniette as the cashier, and Noob yells at her for tickets and She did. After Noob sees the movie, He hates the movie and Finniette calls Paul to come get Noob.

Table of Contents:




Supertrainfan (Cameo)


Paul (Cameo)

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