Official Comix Shorts A.K.A. CEP Productions is a somewhat famous user on Youtube. His full name is Alexander Vincent Andrew Mortensen. He is 15 years old and he likes Roblox, Blockland, Now that's what i call music, Minecraft and Papa louie games. He has a main series called "Comix shorts". His Roblox username is "CEPProductions". He also hates Vines, Injustice, Trolls, haters, and Goclubs (VGCP, UTTP, EDCP, etc) He also makes grounded series out of Seth Stewart which these series by him is becoming popular.

Hobbies: Music, Gaming, Drawing, and Rubik's cube

Funniest quote: "That kid must've been flushed down the toilet that he/she's a baby!"

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