Olivia A. Larson is the 2nd member of the Data Crew, She is also Alexander's Girlfriend. Alexander and Olivia has been Best friends for 3 years. She always likes to go on dates with Alexander, Bond him and other thing that are related to love.

Information: Edit

Favorite Holiday: Valentines Day

Loves: Shopping, Clothing, Olives,

Hates: Animal Hunting

Birthplace: Topeka KA

Relatives: Alexander (Boyfriend)

Favorite Season: Summer

Olivia style b

Appearances: Edit

Season 1

  • Bad dream (Debut)
  • Caught (Silent)

Season 2

  • Wake up call
  • Liquor

Season 3

  • Couch Attack

Season 4

  • Camping
  • Coffee
  • Bad news (Silent)
  • Nightmare (Silent)

Season 5

  • Mountain Climb
  • Being So Rude
  • Nude Beach (Cameo)
  • Hoverboard
  • Lemonade

Season 6

  • Alexander's Brother
  • Sickness

Season 7

  • Garden
  • Diabetic

Season 9

  • Meditate
  • Olivia's Snack
  • Agent
  • Research
  • Olivia tries to babysit Noob
  • Olivia's Birthday
  • Vertigo

Season 10

  • Apple
  • Bad Connection
  • Close Part I
  • Close Part II


  • Lesson
  • Deep Trouble

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