Samantha Hayla is a totally incredible woman. Her mind is filled with amazing ideas, love, and kindness. She really loves to hang out with Alexander and bond and watch him DJ.

"Nonsense! Your penis is too small!"

"Why are there hamburgers in your pants?!"


Favorite Holiday: Independence Day

Loves: Alexander, Kindness

Hates: Dishonesty

Favorite Season: Summer

Comix Shorts Appearances:

Season 9

  • Flirt (Debut)

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 1

  • Noob's Checkup

Season 2

  • Pepper Ad
  • Out of Tea 2 (Cameo)
  • Samantha

Season 3

  • Jeff's Funeral

Season 4

  • Third Wheel
  • Ceramics
  • #1 Fan