Season VII is the seventh season of Comix shorts

Episodes Edit

  1. Pianst
  2. Doritos
  3. Jeff gets a girlfriend
  4. Eviction
  5. Last piece of candy
  6. Choking Hazard
  7. Trick or Treat
  8. Garden
  9. Just a vine
  10. Interview
  11. Moving In
  12. Rubik's Cube
  13. Poker
  14. Noob Dies
  15. Noob Dies (Alternate Ending)
  16. Thanksgiving
  17. Timeout
  18. Locked out
  19. Diabetic
  20. Noob throws a party
  21. Driving lessons
  22. Sneak out fail
  23. Clean your room
  24. Bottle Flip
  25. Christmas
  26. First day of school (Remastered)

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