Summer Davidson is one of the Data crew member's guest, She is mostly a florist who studies flowers, plants, and trees since 4th grade. She goes by her last name "Neilson" in school and keep her real last name "Davidson" a secret that she will never reveal.

Information: Edit

Favorite Holiday: Easter

Loves: Stars, Flowers, and Clothing

Hates: Predators

Relatives: Paul (Partner) Rachel (Sister)

Birthplace: Memphis, TN

Favorite season: Spring

Appearences: Edit

Season 1

  • Summer Quits

Season 4

  • Summer comes back

Season 5

  • Vaccination

Season 6

  • No girls allowed

Season 9

  • Distant friend
  • Olivia's birthday

Season 10

  • Fries


  • Brownies

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